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Who is Fresh Air Foundations?

We at Fresh Air Foundations are a group of like minded professionals who have come together to produce new ways of trying to address age old problems.

What is Fresh Air Foundations?

Fresh Air Foundations is a newly formed social enterprise that wishes to provide educational resources around health and social issues. These resources are in the form of Graphic Novels (A Rat’s Tale parts one and two), Interactive Software (A Road to Ruin) Learning notes (Childhood, Adulthood, Neighbourhood) Professionally designed posters and specifically sourced film clips to be used in conjunction with the learning notes.

When is Fresh Air Foundations?

Fresh Air Foundations has been creating its resources for a number of years and feel now is the time the time to launch. We feel confident that 2017 will not only see us launch but grow, adding to our multi faceted portfolio of resources.

Why Fresh Air Foundations

Fresh Air Foundations not only has the resources we feel will encourage discussion and debate on specific social issues that we feel are either ignored, glamourised or normalised but also plan to use the income generated to alleviate these same issues by funding community led initiatives, thus providing an alternative route for people who may find themselves either involved, affected or on the fringe of a lifestyle that features in one of the many workshops.

Interactive Software “Road to Ruin”

Illustrated in the same style as the graphic novel “A Rat’s Tale” Road to Ruin depicts a street scene that first may be considered by some to be quite affluent but as the interactive user progresses (by clicking on a number of highlighted icons) down this road they are informed of hazards and their costs in monetary terms. We hope that the use of this resource will encourage discussion around the mentioned topics such as something as “innocent” as littering (costing millions to clear up) to crime such as murder (costing millions to solve).

The purpose of this is twofold:

A. To inform the user of the financial costs and get them thinking about the impact it has on society

B. To get the user thinking about how these issues may be addressed, and how they can be a part of the solution (rather than being part of the problem).

Interactive Software
Fresh Air Foundations - Interactive Learning Media of the Future
Fresh Air Foundations - Interactive Learning Media of the Future

Graphic Novel “A Rat’s Tale”

Influenced by Robert Browning’s Pied Piper of Hamelin, A Rat’s Tale may be seen as a modern day adaptation, whereas in this instance the rats are Class A drug dealers. Like the original written in rhyme as a way of allowing this dark tale to flow and keep the reader engaged.

Central to this tale is Timmy a 15 year old boy who due to circumstance sells a small amount of cannabis to help his single parent Mother get by but then finds himself being pulled into the murkier depths of drug dealing. The story touches on issues such as family breakdown, social deprivation, betrayal and retribution.

Due to it’s nature and style we would like to believe the reader will engage openly when discussing some of the subject matter mentioned in the novel.

Fresh Air Foundations - Interactive Learning Media of the Future

Fresh Air Foundations

Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device

Our website and teaching aids can be accessed through the use of smartphone, tablet or PC

Learning/Teachers Notes

Learning/Teachers notes “Childhood, Adulthood, Neighbourhood”
The learning notes have been written concisely as a way of keeping the academia to a minimum whilst expanding the opportunity of discussion and debate to a maximum. Planned as a series of work shops lasting from 45-60 minutes these sessions incorporate the use of our uniquely designed posters as well as specifically sourced film footage.

The subject matter (listed below with more being developed) seems at first to range widely but on reflection may in fact be linked to one another in one way shape or form. These specific topics we feel may be experienced during that transition period from Childhood to Adulthood with the view of getting the user to then think about how acting in a certain way may affect their Neighbourhood.

Topics include:

The Bling culture
Domestic violence/abuse
Low aspirations/opportunities for young men
The pursuit of an illegal lifestyle
Demonisation of the Hoodie
Drug dealing

Topics to be developed:

Internet safety
Women’s rights, women wronged
Knife crime


The Posters use both powerful imagery and hard hitting thought provoking messages to encourage the user to disseminate widespread misconceptions and stereotypes and form a balanced and educated opinion.

Click the thumbnails to view a larger poster  

Fresh Air Foundations Interactive Learning Media of the FutureFresh Air Foundations Interactive Learning Media of the FutureFresh Air Foundations Interactive Learning Media of the FutureFresh Air Foundations Interactive Learning Media of the Future

What Makes Us Tick

Is the wish not just to bring about change, but bring about change for the better.

People We Work With

We at Fresh Air Foundations hope to not only work with schools and youth led organisations but also prisons and other institutions who feel our products may benefit them in their work of educating.


Fresh Air Foundations
It has been a joy to collaborate with Fresh Air Foundations, and we applaud the work they are doing in the local community. Together we have helped build a website that allows easy access to the excellent interactive and educational resources they have independently created.

We look forward to seeing their progress over the coming months.