Learning Notes

Fresh Air Foundations Raising awareness on issues that may relate to: Childhood, Adulthood, Neighbourhood

Discussion Packs (30-45 minutes per Session)

The ideas usually relate to subject matter that have featured in the media in one way or another or have emerged to take a prominent place in the psyche of today’s society.

It’s with this in mind why the posters are the way they are, to ask the viewer to think for themselves and to deconstruct the message that is so readily spoon fed to them by the mainstream media.

Hence our motto “Free Your Mind”


  1. Bling Culture
  2. Class A’s, A’s in Class
    1. What really gets up your nose
    2. What are you really sharing
  3. 9mm, 8mm
  4. Bully, Bullied
    1. Tory Boys ‘n the Hood
  5. Grooming
  6. Domestic Violence
  7. Women, Rights and Wronged

Some of the questions posed have no right or wrong answer but have been asked as a way of engaging the participant in conversation about subjects that may feature in their lives and gauging their response. The images and discussions that may ensue I hope will encourage the participants to become involved with the positive aspects or at least think twice about getting involved with the negative ones.