Welcome to Fresh Air Foundations

Our online portal holds a number of resources for both teachers and learners, including interactive material to help aid the individual’s understanding.

The issues discussed include drugs, prostitution, litter, vandalism, gun crime and bullying. We want to encourage individuals to think outside the narrow parameters of what is fed to us through the mainstream media.

The resources available on the website have been created by Fresh Air Foundations and are exclusive to its members. They are all fully optimised for ease of access on mobile and tablet devices – as well as standard computers and laptops.

We work closely with young people from schools, youth-led organisations, prisons, and other institutions – allowing us to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topics we cover.

On this page, you will be able to browse through the following:

  • Graphic Novels – interactive flip book stories that are pertinent to modern day society
  • ‘The Road To Ruin’ – an interactive resource providing factual information on some of society’s biggest issues, and encouraging discussion on how we can work together as a community to tackle these problems
  • Posters – presenting thought-provoking messages in the form of graphic posters
  • Learning Notes – used to engage the individual, or group, in discussion about the posters to see how they interpret them
  • Forum – a centralised discussion board where students and teachers can expand on the materials presented to them

Over time, we will be continuing to expand on the number of resources on the website, which we are able to do with the help and support of our members. Remember to regularly visit the website to view the latest material and discussion.

Feedback is welcomed from all of those with access to our resources. The development of the Fresh Air Foundations project is a key aim of ours; we want to provide the guidance to allow people to help others, as well as themselves, and improve the conditions within their communities.

To submit your comments, please click the ‘Contact Support’ tab on the left-hand side of the page.